COVID-19 Update

Our office will be following all Sacramento County Public Health Orders, California Department of Public Health guidelines for indoor massage therapy practices, and adopt recommended procedures from the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board to ensure a safe environment for our clients and therapists.

Updated Precautions
& Protocols (10/19/2021)

- Proper face coverings must be worn correctly at all times by both client and therapist.  This includes during the entire bodywork session.

- Clients will be asked to sanitize upon entering the building and again prior to bodywork.

Temperature will be checked prior to start of session.  The CDC considers any elevated temperature of 100.4 degrees fahrenheit or higher to be a fever, which is a symptom of COVID-19.  Clients whos temperature measures as such or shows any signs of illness will not be seen or able to reschedule within 14 days of experiencing symptoms. 

- Clients are asked to not arrive any earlier than their scheduled appointment time.  Even if you are only 5 minutes early, please do not enter our office until it is your time.

 Our bodywork consists of focused manual therapy to a specific issue or area of discomfort.  This type of bodywork can be done fully clothed using little to no lotion.  

We ask that clients please wear appropriate attire to their sessions which will allow access to the primary area of complaint as well as allow for increased mobility and stretching