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Focused Bodywork Sessions

Our Office is located in the Midtown/ East Sac area

On the corner of J & Alhambra

930 Alhambra Boulevard
Suite 293
Sacramento, CA 95816

By Appointment Only

Please visit our scheduling links for FULL availability of our schedule as the website updates automatically. 



Focused Bodywork Sessions

Our bodywork consists of focused manual therapy to one specific issue or area of discomfort per session.


All massage sessions include a pre-assessment, hands-on bodywork/ manual therapy, post-assessment, and self maintenance discussion.  Sessions may include additional treatment of aromatherapy, moist heat, ice massage, kinesiology taping, myofascial cupping, and/or suggested stretches and exercises for self maintenance care.


This type of bodywork can be done fully clothed using little to no lotion.  

We ask that clients please wear appropriate attire to their sessions which will allow access to the primary area of complaint as well as allow for increased mobility and stretching


Regular Session

Runs about an hour. Enough time for one focused area.


Multiple Areas of Focus Session

Runs close to two hours.  Enough time for incorporating more areas into the session's focused time.


Gratuity is considered into our rates.

We accept debit cards, credit cards, checks, cash, and HSA/ FSA cards as forms of payment.

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